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Edswood Designs

Carved Signs, Plaques, Patriotic Wooden Flags and Crosses
Canes & Walking Sticks, Photo & Wood Decor
Photographic Prints and Stock Photos




Ed's Wood Designs & Photography


Carved Signs, Plaques, Canes, Walking Sticks, Photo & Wood Decor

Photography Services, Prints and Digital Photo Downloads


Our Skilled Craftsmen Specialize in Creating

Patriotic Wooden Flags and Wooden Flag Crosses

A few of our newest "Blue Line" and Other Patriotic Flags, Crosses and Signs




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    Based in sunny Southwest Florida, Edswood Designs sells unique

Photo & Wood Products

for the home & office. Our skilled Craftsmen and Photographers create a myriad of Custom,

Unique Wood and Photo Products

using mostly local reclaimed/recovered wood.  We offer a new and improved collection of 

Carved Signs, Plaques, Photo & Wood Decor

Now creating a line of


specializing in

"Colored Line"

American Flags and Crosses

The “Thin COLORED Line” American Flags represents many dangerous or hazardous occupation and are flown to show support for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

Here are some of the colors used and what occupations they support:

  • Police Officers: Thin Blue Line.
  • Firefighters: Thin Red Line.
  • Emergency medical services: Thin White Line.
  • Military/Federal law enforcement agents/ border patrol,
  • park rangers & conservation personnel: Thin Green Line
  • Dispatch/Security: Thin Gold or Yellow Line.
  • Search and Rescue Personnel/ EMS : Thin Orange Line.
  • Corrections officers : Thin Silver Line.
  • Wooden Flags and Wooden Flag Crosses

We also create unique

Canes, Walking Sticks and Wooden Bowls

      If you're looking for a Custom Carved Sign or Plaque, or that special unique piece of

Wood Art

 you've come to the right place! 

Or, let our skilled wood Craftsmen create a beautiful Custom Carved SignPlaquePhoto Clock

or other Wood Creation custom made just for You !!  Give us a yell and let us know what we can create for YOU!!